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Charitable Giving

Image of DMC Humboldt Community SupportWe take great pride in helping people and programs. In our local community, DMC Construction supports many worthwhile organizations.

Please join us in supporting the following organizations:

Mad River Youth Soccer League  “provides the youth of Northern and Eastern Humboldt County the opportunity to play, learn the fundamentals, learn basic and advanced skills and tactics, and enjoy the sport of soccer at all levels of amateur play. We serve the communities of Arcata, Big Lagoon, Happy Camp, Manila, McKinleyville, Trinidad, Orleans, Fieldbrook, Blue Lake, Bayside, Samoa, Willow Creek, and Hoopa Valley.” 

 Humboldt Crabs Baseball

Image Of Humboldt Crabs Baseball Advertiesment

Mad River Youth Soccer League

://dsfsdfsddfs.humboldtgov.org/308/Trinidad-LibraryRiver Youth Soccer League

We support and helped construct the local Trinidad Library .

Trinidad General Contractor

We support McKinleyville Youth Football and Cheer.


Soroptimist International of Humboldt Bay

We support SIHB’s High Heels For Healing fundraiser.

“Soroptimist International of Humboldt Bay is an organization of women that help other women and girls. Our local club serves our community through hands on projects and awards for women and girls. These awards include recognition to local women who have made a difference in their professional, business, or volunteer work in helping women and girls, and provides scholarships and grants to both women and girls who are working to educate themselves and need assistance.”



We proudly sponsor McKinleyville Youth Football!..Dan has a passion for coaching and getting involved with the youth showing them the qualities of being a good role model.He enjoys teaching them not only the fundamentals of football but also later on life skills like team work and that when you put in hard work it pays off. In the picture below shows coach Dan Marsh and his son running the ball for a touchdown!



*We have also donated $4,500.00 to our local schools (Morris and Dows Prairie) to help them with school supplies and other things the school is hurting for. Dan has a huge heart for this community and tries to make an impact on our younger generation. He knows the importance of education and does his best to help any way he can.


*We also Sponsor our local race car drivers that race at Redwood Acres Raceway in Eureka. DMC is currently sponsoring Ryan Ahrens. He loves the fact that Ryan has a hobby for racing but that he takes it off the streets and uses it as a positive aspect for our community to go watch a good weekend event.

dmc donates to ryan ahrens



*DMC donates once again to their youth!! This young gal named Noel came in twice a week for a month straight. She was persistent and worked hard to get her donation. We try to teach our youth that if you work hard to chase your dreams that some times they may come true, and we love being a part of this one time experience that she got to do with her fellow classmates.


dmc donates to youth Here is a picture of miss Noel, and our receptionist/Office Manager Kayla after Noel received her donation.


*We also do multiple sponsors to  the Mckinleyville Chamber Of Commerce. Dan likes to be a part of multiple organizations like these that support and give back to his community.

            dmc donates to Mckinleyville Chamber



*Once again Dan sponsors the Mckinleyville High school Girls Volleyball team! He donated money to raise awareness about Octobers National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and how it effects people whom we love and know. Not only does he enjoy helping the community and school fundraisers, he enjoys raising awareness to important health conditions like this.


dmc donates



If your interested in being sponsored please feel free to stop by our office and hand us a letter. We will do our best to help out anyway we can. DMC focuses not only on making our business better, but also to have an amazing community to share it with!

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